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Strand Video is a professional producer of some of the most authentic spanking and caning videos we have seen since long time. Genuine British Corporal Punishment, made by spanking enthusiasts, made for spanking enthusiasts. For each site they deliver at least one full length film update every week, shot in top quality HD ready for your PC, Smart Phone or Tablet, together with complete high resolution image sets. Their members area also provides access to exclusive bonus content, including amazing POV films and private on-set pictures.

You will get more than 500 Films at Red Stripe Video, plus 500 more at Spanking Sarah, and even 400 more at English Spankers. All this at a very fair special low price membership guarantee.

Latest Video Updates

Redstripe Filmsspankingm/fleather paddleSophie ParkerJuly 21Rated 73/100Sophie Parker PaddledSophie Parker has just had her first spanking and now it's time to take it a bit further and the paddle is the chosen implement. Her panties are soon off and before he puts her over his knees he gets her to kneel in the chair, bottom well pushed out while he delivers a good hard leathering. Full PostVisit Site
Spanking Sarahspankingf/fotkpantyhoseLaura LuxJuly 21Rated 76/100A Nasty Piece Of WorkAlora Lux is doing private webcam sessions and posing as a dominant woman reading out nasty stories and showing pictures of women kicking men in the balls and otherwise ill-treating them. She is for it now, straight over the knee and she gets the hardest hand spanking her bare bottom has ever taken. Full PostVisit Site
English Spankersspankingf/fotkuniformDilonNew Model Violet HazeJuly 20NEW MODELRated 79/100Fighting SchoolgirlsFree video preview and images gallery from English Spankers, featuring Dilon and New Model Violet Haze, showing spanking, f/f, otk and uniform content. Full PostVisit Site
Redstripe Filmsspankingm/fotkSophie ParkerRated 82/100Sophie Parker Audition And PunishmentLovely Sophie came along to see Mr. Stern as she wanted to get into the spanking scene a little more. Mr. Stern soon told her that he was not playful and that all his spankings were for real. He started off spanking her over her panties but then these were soon taken off. Full PostVisit Site
Spanking Sarahspankingm/fleather paddlehairbrushcarpet beaterAmelia Jane RutherfordRated 89/100Amelia Is Paying The PenaltyAmelia is as usual in trouble, this time with her husband. Kneeling over the end of her bed she gets a good thrashing with a leather paddle just to warm up her bottom. Next she has to lay on the bed, bottom raised as he beats her with a carpet beater, lovely red marks from this. Full PostVisit Site
English Spankersspankingf/fleather paddlestrapseverecryingtearspalm punishmentbreast torturebreast slappingLaura LuxRated 88/100Strict Punishment Extreme PainThe start of her punishment was not well received and tears began to well in her eyes. More to come though as Alora was made to bend over for a good hard whacking with the thick leather paddle. Just take a look at this girl at the end of our film, no doubt that she has received a hard punishment. Full PostVisit Site
Redstripe Filmsspankingf/fleather paddleuniformNew Model DillonNEW MODELRated 79/100When You Can't Take The PainThis is the second part of our film showing what happened to Dillon when she was sent to an adult punishment and discipline school. She has to sit with her knickers round her knees as she is lectured and questioned by the head mistress, very humiliating. Full PostVisit Site
Spanking Sarahspankingf/funiformNew Model Mila IIINEW MODELRated 85/100The Judge At Home – MilaAnother case for the infamous Judge Sarah in another courtroom drama. Mila has been caught overstaying her welcome in the UK and has to face the outrageous judgment from Judge Sarah Stern. In her court everyone is guilty as charged and once sentence is passed it is carried out there and then. Full PostVisit Site

Previous Updates

You Have To Be Punished LauraSometimes the talking has to stop and in this case not only does the talking have to stop but important lessons have to be learned. Well a good lecture is a way to start but then she has to go over the knee and take a real hard spanking on her bare bottom.
An Issue With PainIt turns out that this young lady is just plain lazy, well this and some other things which will emerge later. To start the discipline session Dillon is placed over the knee and spanked on her white school knickers before these are removed for a good, hard and prolonged bare bottom spanking.
Mila At The House Of CorrectionMila has to remove her school knickers and take a very embarrassing position on the punishment bench. The disciplinarian uses one of the very heaviest and largest of the leather paddles available and gives the bare bottom of this badly behaved girl a real trouncing.
A Spanking VirginYes in this film I really do have a genuine spanking virgin for you. A young, vibrant beauty she will take her very first spanking from me just for you. Her name is Violet Haze and I am just so lucky to be the first to put her over my knee.
A Bottom On FireKiki Dee is in real trouble. Mum has been away and when she returns her living room is burnt out. It quickly transpires that her goody goody charge is behind this and she is trying to lie her way out of trouble.
Tears Won't Stop The PainLaura agrees to take a severe caning on all the vulnerable parts of her body, her thighs, her breasts and of course her bottom. She is naked for this punishment and by the time it is completed she is in floods of tears. Tears of pain and of happiness, she has achieved something special.
The Strict Aunt And Her SlipperDenali is in trouble with her strict aunt. She has just been spanked because she got herself suspended from college but now she is in further trouble because of the tattoos she has, aunty does not approve. To show her displeasure Denali is going to feel the pain of the slipper applied to her bottom.
The Strict Aunt And The College GirlPunishment is needed and it wants to be painful and something which will remind Denali to take more care of herself. A good hard spanking over the knee and then as she bends over touching her toes is the order of the day and carried out.
To Punish A PrincessThis is a rather strange story about a deranged Princess who gives away all her money and her belongings to the poor people. That is until Mr. Huxley who has been charged with keeping her out of trouble, finds out. To punish a princess is only her fantasy but not one she will repeat we fear.
Laura Lux - The Need For PunishmentLaura Lux is a true lover of punishment and all that goes with it especially the anticipation of the pain that is to come. She loves to be punished on all parts of her body and I certainly aim to please her. The only thing she does not like is THE PAIN!
Sorry Is Not EnoughThe second of our two parter with Shell and Karl. After fucking his baby sitter Karl decides that she also deserves some punishment for neglecting her job. This mature housewife really can take a good hard spanking and you might even think she is enjoying it.
The Predatory SecretaryAmelia Rutherford finds herself over her boss' knee, her long nylon legs kicking with each spank but worse was to come, the boss knew what her game was and played along by getting out his cane and giving her a severe thrashing on her bare bottom.
Inappropriate DressAlexa has ben asked to call around to see her boss, there have been complaints from some of her work colleagues out the way she dresses for work. She does not seem too upset by this and soon finds herself over his know as he gives her a long and very hard spanking.
Trouble At The HotelIn this first part of the story Monica is bent naked over the punishment stool, her bottom is then sprayed with water and she is given her first cold caning of twelve hard strokes. This caning leaves welts and marks on her bottom.
We Settle The ScoreDuring this punishment the senior doctor comes along to watch and then when it is over tells Holly there will be further punishment to follow as the offenses she committed were of the more serious nature. She is to be caned and caned hard on her bare bottom.
Tindra caned at St. JustsI have decided that in addition to the school paddle being used on her bottom she should take a severe lesson with an application of the cane. As she bends over the caning bench she certainly starts to regret her actions and as the first stroke lands she feels the pain.
Holly Meets Mr. SternYes every girl has to start out on her spanking life somewhere and with Mr. Stern is no bad place. Watch his newbie Holly goes over his knees to get her very first real good hard spanking. How will she take to it and what does she think. Have a listen to what she has to say.
Convicted, Sentenced and CanedFour young delinquents have been sentenced to a total of 108 hard strokes with the cane, this is to be administered cold on their bare bottoms. This time it's the turn of Isabel Dean. She is a young lady who thinks she can take the cane but she did not like this cold caning as you will see.
Kayleth in trouble in SpainKayleth is looking for work and follows an ad in a newspaper which leads her to a lonely house inhabited by a strange woman. Just to show her what is in store, if she does not work well, she is put over the knee and given a stinging spanking on her bare bottom.
Pandora Blake And Her New Master - Part 1This is an exquisitely shot film featuring Pandora Blake and her master in a story they wrote themselves. In this film Pandora meets her master and learns to obey his every wish or suffer the consequences. This film depicts the training of a spanking and punishment slave.
Home made amateur spanking film No 1 - Will and LouiseWill plays the part of a school master giving some maths lessons to the lovely Louise. These do of course involve her going over his knees for a spanking and a paddling & more. It is our latest homemade film so take a look.
Two Naughty Girls From School Are WeHolly and Willow are taking dirty pictures of each other, showing off their bottoms which have just been spanked at school. When Mum finds out she is not happy with this behavior and brings out a cane. Now the girls aren't laughing. She takes hold of Holly and puts her over her punishment stool.
Caned By The LandladyAfter giving Ivy a good thrashing with her strap the landlady inspects the house only to find everything covered in pooch hairs and obviously not cleaned for some time. She is furious and now tells Ivy that she must take a further punishment but this time she is to be caned.
Work Time Play TimeShe has to suffer a painful paddling with some of the nastiest paddles ever designed. One is carbon fiber and the other bullet proof plastic, boy do they sting her tender young bottom.

HQ Photo Sets

Danielle Hunt Spanked & Mouth SoapedRated 69/100Schoolgirl Danielle has a dirty mouth and Sarah knows how to clean it in a most unpleasant way. With a bar of soap in her mouth Danielle bends over the table for a spanking with the dreaded hairbrush. Full Post
Paddled for paymentRated 85/100She is earning some extra money to pay for nights out with her friends and to buy fancy clothes. He is not pleased and takes over with some payback of his own. He finds one of Lola's spanking toys and despite his lack of experience he sets about giving her bare bottom one hell of a hard paddling. Full Post
You Have To Be Punished Laura - Photos PreviewRated 83/100Sometimes the talking has to stop and in this case not only does the talking have to stop but important lessons have to be learned. Well a good lecture is a way to start but then she has to go over the knee and take a real hard spanking on her bare bottom. Full Post
The lazy secretaryRated 86/100Kami is a very naughty and cheeky secretary to Mr Stern, He decides that she needs to be punished and that his large leather paddle is the ideal way of achieving the desired results. She does take it very hard but you know, I think she likes it! Full Post
Jess paddled at the sexy cleaning companyRated 74/100He has just watched Jess have her audition for the company and feels she is just what he is after and so he has a chat with her and she agrees to let him spank her bottom with a leather paddle. Dressed in her sexy uniform she is soon over his knee getting her bottom well paddled. Full Post
Kami Robertson Classics at English SpankersRated 87/100Did you know, your membership at English Spankers includes access to some very rare classics spanking videos with retired spanking superstar Kami Robertson. This is a free high quality photos preview, Kami in a cute Japanese schoolgirl dress, spanked with a slipper and caned on her bare bottom. Full Post
Your Temperature Tells The Truth - Images PreviewRated 76/100Cheery complains of having a high temperature, so Dr. Stern decides that the best thing to do will be to take her temperature anally. When this proves to be normal she informs Cherry that she will be punished. Cherry is not happy but she does have to agree an a hard paddling starts. Full Post
Don't Take Them Down MummyRated 73/100Willow ends up over her knees getting her bottom spanked and then slippered but is she the guilty one. Willow has just been spanked and slippered for supposedly telling lies. Now the truth comes out and the trouble maker turns out to be Holly. Full Post
Outdoor Caning On The Hotel Terrace - Images PreviewRated 78/100As a part of her punishment Monica was to work at the hotel but it soon turns out she is just lazy and does not intend to do anything. The hotel owner takes matters in hand and strips her naked on the terrace before giving her a prolonged cold caning. Full Post
The new PA falls from graceRated 81/100April May has been given a spanking by the mad Lord Stern and now it is the turn of his wicked wife to have her way with his new PA. That this is going to be humiliating and painful is a given but April did not realize just how painful until she felt the sting of the paddle on her bare bottom. Full Post
The Angry AuntRated 89/100We have a new and very naughty young lady called Bemby, now she has been telling me lies, when she should have been at college she has in fact been making spanking movies for a local studio. Full Post
Masie Dee Punished For Masturbation - Images PreviewRated 81/100Masie Dee has been discovered pleasuring herself when she should have been getting ready for college. She has to be punished for this and a spanking will be given. She thinks she is being unfairly treated and argues she should be allowed to play with her pussy whenever and where ever she wants. Full Post