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Genuine British Corporal Punishment

Strand Video is a professional producer of some of the most authentic spanking and caning videos we have seen since long time. Genuine British Corporal Punishment, made by spanking enthusiasts, made for spanking enthusiasts. For each site they deliver at least one full length film update every week, shot in top quality HD ready for your PC, Smart Phone or Tablet, together with complete high resolution image sets. Their members area also provides access to exclusive bonus content, including amazing POV films and private on-set pictures.

You will get more than 500 Films at Red Stripe Video, plus 500 more at Spanking Sarah, and even 400 more at English Spankers. All this at a very fair special low price membership guarantee.

Latest Video Updates

Spanking Sarahspankingf/fcaningstockingspaddleLouise WestonSeptember 07Rated 75/100Sarah Sly Private Eye I'm Giving You The BootSarah Sly the Private Eye has been training Louise as her assistant but has found out that Louise has been poaching some of her clients. Sarah has just taken delivery of some new boot paddles; maybe the most fearsome punishment toys ever made and now would seem to be the right time to try them out. Full PostVisit Site
Redstripe Filmsspankingf/fpaddlemasturbationmature women spankingNew Model Kugar LushSeptember 07NEW MODELRated 85/100Strapped For Cash She Cant Stop PlayingKugar Lush is a very sexually active lady and we get to see an example of that here as she plays with her new sex toys she purchased with money she got from the Strapped For Cash company. She should not have used the money for this reason but decided her pleasures were of paramount importance. Full PostVisit Site
English Spankersspankingf/fcaningstrapself spankinglexan paddleLouise WestonSeptember 07Rated 84/100I Punish Myself Just For You - Part 2Louise Weston is giving herself one hell of a beating on her webcam. She is now joined by Sarah who wants to see just how hard she has been beating herself and she is surprised by the self inflicted marks on her body but then goes on to reuse some of the implements. Full PostVisit Site
Spanking Sarahspankingf/fotkDillonMila IIIRated 82/100The New Boss - A Regression Session Film - Part 2Once this punishment of Dillon and Mila is complete they are told to dress and then stand out in the corridor outside the office, their knickers are pulled below their knees and they are given bags containing? Well we will see. Full PostVisit Site
English Spankersspankingleather paddlehairbrushstrappaddleself spankinglexan paddleLouise WestonRated 77/100I Punish Myself Just For You - Part 1Louise Weston is a girl who loves pain and wants to show everyone just how much. She had arranged with Sarah to use her webcam and a selection of some hard implements. She wanted to be naked but for her high heeled shoes as she starts off describing the implements she wants to use on herself. Full PostVisit Site
Redstripe Filmsspankingf/fotkstockingsVerityRated 74/100Verity Starts To LearnVerity wants to go to America with her school friends but her guardian says he has a report from the school telling him that her grades are well below those of the rest of the class. A great first spanking movie. Full PostVisit Site
Redstripe Filmsspankingf/fotkmature women spankingNew Model Kugar LushNEW MODELRated 76/100Strapped For Cash The Fucking MachineKugar will have to take a bare bottom spanking, there and then and if the short term loan is not repaid in full there will be other consequences to follow. The lady agrees and is soon over the knee being spanked. Is she enjoying this a bit too much? Full PostVisit Site
English Spankersspankingf/fotkuniformwooden paddlecryingtearsNew Model TammyNEW MODELRated 82/100Mommy's Regression Session TammyAnother film in our Regression Sessions films where naughty ladies are regressed to their schooldays by a strict Mommy, strict but not very fair you might say. Mommy Sarah picks up a wooden paddle and really goes to town on this naughty bare bottom, a lesson will be given. Full PostVisit Site

Previous Updates

The New Boss - A Regression Session Film - Part 1Skirts raised Mila and Dillon are bent over the desk and both get a blistering spanking on bare bottoms, this in itself is humiliating enough. Next they have to remove more clothing and then hold out their hands to take swats with the heavy ruler on both hands.
Sophie Parker PaddledSophie Parker has just had her first spanking and now it's time to take it a bit further and the paddle is the chosen implement. Her panties are soon off and before he puts her over his knees he gets her to kneel in the chair, bottom well pushed out while he delivers a good hard leathering.
A Nasty Piece Of WorkAlora Lux is doing private webcam sessions and posing as a dominant woman reading out nasty stories and showing pictures of women kicking men in the balls and otherwise ill-treating them. She is for it now, straight over the knee and she gets the hardest hand spanking her bare bottom has ever taken.
Fighting SchoolgirlsFree video preview and images gallery from English Spankers, featuring Dilon and Violet Haze, showing spanking, f/f, otk and uniform content.
Sophie Parker Audition And PunishmentLovely Sophie came along to see Mr. Stern as she wanted to get into the spanking scene a little more. Mr. Stern soon told her that he was not playful and that all his spankings were for real. He started off spanking her over her panties but then these were soon taken off.
Amelia Is Paying The PenaltyAmelia is as usual in trouble, this time with her husband. Kneeling over the end of her bed she gets a good thrashing with a leather paddle just to warm up her bottom. Next she has to lay on the bed, bottom raised as he beats her with a carpet beater, lovely red marks from this.
Strict Punishment Extreme PainThe start of her punishment was not well received and tears began to well in her eyes. More to come though as Alora was made to bend over for a good hard whacking with the thick leather paddle. Just take a look at this girl at the end of our film, no doubt that she has received a hard punishment.
When You Can't Take The PainThis is the second part of our film showing what happened to Dillon when she was sent to an adult punishment and discipline school. She has to sit with her knickers round her knees as she is lectured and questioned by the head mistress, very humiliating.
The Judge At Home – MilaAnother case for the infamous Judge Sarah in another courtroom drama. Mila has been caught overstaying her welcome in the UK and has to face the outrageous judgment from Judge Sarah Stern. In her court everyone is guilty as charged and once sentence is passed it is carried out there and then.
You Have To Be Punished LauraSometimes the talking has to stop and in this case not only does the talking have to stop but important lessons have to be learned. Well a good lecture is a way to start but then she has to go over the knee and take a real hard spanking on her bare bottom.
An Issue With PainIt turns out that this young lady is just plain lazy, well this and some other things which will emerge later. To start the discipline session Dillon is placed over the knee and spanked on her white school knickers before these are removed for a good, hard and prolonged bare bottom spanking.
Mila At The House Of CorrectionMila has to remove her school knickers and take a very embarrassing position on the punishment bench. The disciplinarian uses one of the very heaviest and largest of the leather paddles available and gives the bare bottom of this badly behaved girl a real trouncing.
Young Rebel MecelaMecela is just a usual young youngster, she dresses how she wants and she does what she wants. This will not be tolerated and she finds herself over her guardian's knees being spanked on her tight denim shorts.
The Spankers Cook Book - MegMeg is out in Spain to help Mr Stern compile his cook book, she says she is an BBQ expert. It soon turns out that she is nothing of the sort, not even able to light it or to make a hamburger. Mr Stern is not pleased and gets his favorite paddle to work and uses it till her bare bottom is sore.
Amelia Rutherford - The HoneymoonAmelia's new husband, a decent sort of fellow will not tolerate her unacceptable behavior. He needs to instill some discipline into his new wife and has a stout hairbrush and a brand new leather strap to use on her bare bottom. She will not give into this punishment without a fight.
Jess is strapped for cashAs it is a second request the amount of pain applied to her bottom will have to increase significantly, our representative has with them a very large wooden paddle, not the thing you would want applied to your bare bottom but that is exactly what happens.
The Dishonest NurseWhen Sarah bursts into the room she finds a partly dressed Nurse in the arms of Mr. Stern and a bottle of wine and a glass at his bedside. Sarah is livid and decides that she will take advantage of the state of undress of Clover by pulling her over her knees and spanking and then paddling her bottom.
Home Made Spanking And Caning FilmA variety of canes and sticks are used on Louise's bottom and because she is making too much noise she is made to remove her knickers and stuff them into her mouth. A very effective gag for this young beauty. Very authentic and just as it happens.
Her Very First SpankingOnce again we present another new young lady, called Ivy. When she had a chat with Sarah she was made aware that it would be a thorough spanking and not a play one. You will see just how hard she was spanked and see her reaction to this as her bare bottom turns right red.
The Board Of Governors Part 3First of all bent over the bed Pandora Blake has to take a great number of hard cane strokes, just when she thinks her torment is over she is ordered to lay on her bed and put her bottom in the air. The caning continues till the headmasters arm is tired and he stops.
Housewife Meg Doing It HerselfLovely housewife Meg tells us what it is like to want to become a spanking model, she really likes the idea of modeling for films. She has had her first interview and is waiting to hear, if she will be successful and while she waits she decides to get some practice in.
The Lazy SecretaryKami Robertson finds herself over a big bed with her panties removed. She is placed in just the right position to take the full strength from a leather paddle. She does take it very hard but you know, it somehow looks like she likes it!
Mrs Williamson Is Strapped For CashMrs Williamson is young and she is a bit of a spendthrift and so she has come toi the Strapped for Cash Company for a loan. Her lesson starts with a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. This is more painful than she thought it would be but she needs the money.
Orgasm For The Au-PairMasie is all dressed up when she should be working, and it soon becomes obvious why. She knows that she is about to be punished, but she wants to try and seduce Mr Stern. That was a waste of time and he soon shows her what he does to girls like her.

HQ Photo Sets

The New Boss - A Regression Session Film - HQ Photos PreviewRated 76/100As employers go Sarah Stern is a pretty tough boss to work for as Mila and Dillon are about to find out. Skirts raised they are bent over the desk and both get a blistering spanking on bare bottoms, this in itself is humiliating enough. But next... Full Post
One More Stroke Of My Cane - HQ Images PreviewRated 78/100Lucy has just had her bare bottom strapped by the boss as a punishment for making advances to the new office junior. The boys step-mother is not happy that she has been sufficiently punished and has said that unless Lucy is caned hard she will make a formal complaint. Full Post
Lucy paddled & caned at homeRated 71/100Here we have Lucy as a schoolgirl who has stolen some money. She must be searched of course and when it is found she will be heavily punished. A leather paddle warms her small bottom before she lowers her school knickers to take a good hard caning from her husband. Full Post
The Cold Caning Experiment Part 2 - HQ Photos PreviewRated 78/100Once again she has to be examined by the good doctor before taking a position on the caning bench. The second cold caning is given, her tears flow but I continue till the end. Then she has to endure my own extra experiment, the application of the tawse to both her hands. Full Post
Truth & caneRated 75/100Jess is now due the cane, she really annoyed me with her attitude when I was told she was having sex with my best friends wife. I made her take off all her clothes then after giving her a good telling off she had to bend over for a very hard application of my cane. Full Post
Caned for telling liesRated 74/100Ella Hughes arrived late for a filming session, she then told some lies and tried to fool me. I phoned her boyfriend and told him about her behaviour and he asked me to punish her very hard and also to give extra punishments for him for her behaviour at home. Full Post
Pain is the best medicineRated 67/100Ashleigh is beautiful but she is silly and thinks that she can get away with just about anything. Not today! Now you may think it's not the right thing for a doctor to do to a young ladies bottom, paddle it with a hard leather paddle and the thrash it with a cane till it is red and well marked. Full Post
The Seductress - HQ Images PreviewRated 75/100The naughtiest girl at St. Justs school just got naughtier. The teacher grabs her and throws her over his desk and beats her bottom with a wooden spanking paddle and a variety of the school punishment instruments. It's a very sorry young lady left over the desk near to tears. Full Post
The Cane For Rebecca - Images PreviewRated 76/100The last part of Rebeccas story sees her in serious trouble. After a good spanking and a harder paddling in the school grounds Rebecca is taken to the heads study to be strapped and caned. Her bottom is already well marked as she is bent over for the cane. Full Post
Your Temperature Tells The Truth - Images PreviewRated 76/100Cheery complains of having a high temperature, so Dr. Stern decides that the best thing to do will be to take her temperature anally. When this proves to be normal she informs Cherry that she will be punished. Cherry is not happy but she does have to agree an a hard paddling starts. Full Post
Tears Won't Stop The Pain - HQ Photos PreviewRated 72/100Laura agrees to take a severe caning on all the vulnerable parts of her body, her thighs, her breasts and of course her bottom. She is naked for this punishment and by the time it is completed she is in floods of tears. Tears of pain and of happiness, she has achieved something special. Full Post
Rascal strapped for cashRated 77/100Rascal finds herself over the knee of the representative, her bottom being warmed first on top of her knickers and then on the bare. She takes a hard paddling with a new and very nasty leather paddle. Full Post