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English Spanking & Caning Videos

Genuine British Corporal Punishment

Strand Video is a professional producer of some of the most authentic spanking and caning videos we have seen since long time. Genuine British Corporal Punishment, made by spanking enthusiasts, made for spanking enthusiasts. For each site they deliver at least one full length film update every week, shot in top quality HD ready for your PC, Smart Phone or Tablet, together with complete high resolution image sets. Their members area also provides access to exclusive bonus content, including amazing POV films and private on-set pictures.

You will get more than 500 Films at Red Stripe Video, plus 500 more at Spanking Sarah, and even 400 more at English Spankers. All this at a very fair special low price membership guarantee.

Latest Video Updates

Spanking Sarahspankingbdsmcaningdiaper positionstraptawsebastinado falakaenglish disciplineff spankingMonicaRated 84/100The Severe Caning Of MonicaLaying on her back her feet are tied together before being tawsed and caned on her feet in the diaper position, these are no fairy strokes but hard and severe. Once this is completed she has to bend over in two stress positions and is caned on her bare bottom. Full PostVisit Site
Spanking Sarahspankingcaninguniform spankingface slappingpalm punishmenthumiliationenglish disciplineff spankingMonicaRated 79/100The Punishment Of MonicaMonica has to kneel in front of the headmistress who subjects her to a face slapping, long and hard, one cheek and then the other, repeated and with meaning. Next her hands are tawsed, hard. In the final part of this stage her hands are caned. This girl really is experiencing humiliation and pain. Full PostVisit Site
Spanking Sarahspankingotkenglish disciplineff spankingLulu LambRated 82/100The Porno SurveyYoung wife Lulu has agreed to take part in a face to face survey about people's porno watching habits and what they do with their sex lives. She soon finds herself over this rather bossy ladies knees getting as good a spanking on her knicker clad and then her bare bottom as she has ever had. Full PostVisit Site
English Spankersspankingotkleather paddleuniform spankingenglish disciplineff spankingSofia SaintRated 80/100Sofia Saint Is Punished At HomeSofia will get her bare bottom, still red and sore from the spanking, paddled with the house punishment paddle. She goes over the knee and her school knickers are lowered to her knees and her bare bottom is paddled hard. Full PostVisit Site
Spanking Sarahspankingotkhairbrushenglish disciplineff spankingAsh MayLaura LuxViolet HazeRated 78/100The House Sitter RegretsAfter a good lecturing Violet is dragged over the knee and gets a real hard spanking on her panties and then her bare bottom. Her friends are amused by this and they are then asked if they would like to punish Violet for this display of bad behavior. Full PostVisit Site
English Spankersspankingotkuniform spankingenglish disciplineff spankingSofia SaintRated 77/100She Is The School BullySofias school headmaster is on the phone to Sarah to tell her that Sofia has been punished at school for her poor behavior and for taking another girls dinner money. Still in her school uniform Sofia is placed over the knee and spanked first on her knickers and then on the bare bottom. Full PostVisit Site
English Spankersspankingcaninguniform spankinggroup punishmentpantyhoseenglish disciplineff spankingBella IIDillonMillaRated 74/100A Triple CaningThe final part of the case before Judge Stern and she has discovered that the police officers, Dilon and Mila have concocted part of the case against Bella but not all. The cane is the chosen implement and the girls know that they will be getting a real hard caning, no messing about. Full PostVisit Site
English Spankersspankinguniform spankinglexan paddleenglish disciplineff spankingMillaRated 76/100Milla - A Terrible PunishmentIt is not generally know but a lexan paddle can be one of the most painful of all spanking implements and when applied by an expert in its use it gives excruciating pain. Milla must now endure this nasty punishment on her bare bottom. Full PostVisit Site

Previous Updates

Housewife Amy Gets The PaddleHousewife Amy has taken a loan from the Strapped For Cash Company to help pay off some of her debts and credit cards. This mature housewife has little option and soon finds herself over the knee of the company boss, knickers removed and her bare bottom getting a hard and merciless paddling.
The Journey - Part 3We continue the Journey being made by Suzanne. It's now time for the next part of the punishment ordered by Suzann's husband and this promises to be the fiercest yet despite her protestations this lovely housewife is to be given at least 30 strokes of the heavy cane.
Your Love Of Pain Will Get You CanedAfter a good slippering with a gym shoe the head decides to up the pain by a considerable amount just to see how much the teacher can take. Her bottom bared the teacher bends over the school heads desk and takes one hell of a caning.
The Judge Orders A ThrashingFor now, Officer Dillon is ordered to carry out a severe thrashing of Bella starting with the tawse on both hands, hard strokes. Next she uses a selection of paddles on the girls bare bottom as she is bent over the chair and table
Amy Fox Is Strapped For CashAmy Fox has asked the Strapped For Cash company for help in sorting out her debt situation. They agree to help by paying off her debts each week but as is the way with this company she has to submit on this first visit to a good hard over the knee spanking.
The Journey - Part 2After Suzanne's punishment by her husband she is surprised when he sends her to see a professional disciplinarian. It is made clear to her that she is to be punished further and more severely than ever before. All the punishments are designed fo inflict the maximum pain and humiliation.
The Sports Mistress Needs The PainThe new sports mistress is having her monthly meeting with the head teacher when it comes out that she has been advertising on line for people to come and spank her. She confesses to the head that this is something she needs in her life and something she cant do without.
The Judge At Home Trouble In Court - Part 1Judge Sarah Stern, is called upon to sort out a dispute between two arresting police officers Dilon and Mila and prisoner Bella. n this first part of the film we see that Bella has been sentenced to a bare bottom spanking to be carried out by officer Dilon.
Alora Lux Self Punishment - Part 3We were asked to make a series of custom films of girls dressed only in high heels spanking and otherwise punishing themselves. Here we have the most amazing Alora Lux. Now she is a girl who will admit to liking pain but would she be able to inflict it on herself?
The Journey - Part 1This is rather an unusual film for my web site and I think takes the whole spanking film, story kink to another level. This short series stars one of my very best friends Suzanne along with Mr. Stern. She will suffer uncertainty, pain and humiliation at her husband's hands and the hands of others.
The Cane Will Make You WorkDenali has been interviewed and punished by the enforcer from the department of works, she is a lazy girl who thinks she need not work and can claim off the state. Denali is made stripped naked and then given a severe bottom marking caning.
Punished By The JudgeIt is decided by the court that Milla should receive a long and extremely hard paddling with the court issued punishment paddle. The judge is happy that her leather paddle will help Mia to understand the virtues of good behavior. What follows is a long and hard paddling on this girl's bare bottom.
Mommy's Regression Session StevieIf the spankings don't work then mommy will get her wooden backed hairbrush and beat Alora's bare bottom till it is red and bruised and she really has learned her lesson. Watch the humiliation and the tears as Stevie is regressed to her schooldays and punished just like a naughty little girl.
Pet Thief PunishedAmelia Jane has failed to return the tortoise she stole and sold, to Sarah and as you can guess Sarah is plenty mad at her. She makes Amelia Jane bend over, her panties are removed and a good sized paddle is found that is certain to inflict a great degree of pain onto that bare bottom.
The New Boss – A Regression Session Film Back To SchooldaysTwo sassy office workers' school skirts have been pinned up to show their school knickers and as they take their place over the punishing knee they have the further humiliation of these school knickers being lowered to their knees and then spanked very hard on bare bottoms.
Big Arse Turned RedSandy should have been hosting a party for some important customers, but she not only had too much to drink but she spilt drink over them and was very rude to them. She is made to bend over in the kitchen and spanked on her bare bottom. Very painful for her but well deserved.
Lola Marie - Convicted, Sentenced And CanedFour young delinquents have been sentenced to a total of 108 hard strokes of the cane. This time it's the return of Lola Marie and she thinks that she is a real tough cookie. Can she take the cold caning delivered full force by Miss Sarah Stern?
The Swimming Lesson - Part 2Eryn Rose asked, if she could come over to see me in Spain and if I would be strict with her and teach her to swim. So in the pool one day I decided to give her my sort of lesson. A good spanking on a wet bottom, followed by a session with my leather paddle, good and hard just the way you like it.
Holly And Willow At The House Of Correction - Part 2Mrs. Stern is in the middle of giving Holly & Willow their introductory spanking upon entering her House Of Correction, Now it's the turn of young Willow to strip naked and present her bottom to the hard hand of Mrs. Stern.
Caught By Mr Snaith & Spanked In The WoodsMr. Snaith bends Rebecca Hayes her over a garden table and pulling her white school knickers up tight into her bottom proceeds to give her a damn good hard spanking. The girl protests but to no avail, he lays the spanks on as hard as he can.
Your final lessonKali is not a very good wife and her husband has need to punish her for the first time. He gives her a very painful punishment on her bare bottom, young Kali reflects on her misdemeanors as she bends over and takes her swats.
A Hard Caning For CherryShe has to remove all her clothes and lay over some pillows on the bed, her bottom raised she takes her full allotted punishment caning. Once the caning is over Dr. Stern once again takes her anal temperature to ensure she is still in good health.
The Hell HotelMonica is a young girl who wants to live in Spain, the only problem is she has no money. Her answer is to move around from hotel to hotel, moving out when it's time to pay the bill. This works till today, now she has been caught at her scam and is going to face the very painful consequences.
You can't do that to meClover arrives home from school in her uniform. She has a bad attitude and her behavior has not been good. Her guardian gets out his stout leather paddle and after baring her bottom gives her a good hard whacking leaving her well-marked and a most unhappy young girl.

HQ Photo Sets

The Severe Caning Of Monica - HQ Photos PreviewRated 74/100Laying on her back her feet are tied together before being tawsed and caned on her feet in the diaper position, these are no fairy strokes but hard and severe. Once this is completed she has to bend over in two stress positions and is caned on her bare bottom. Full Post
She Wants A Fucking Machine - HQ Images PreviewRated 85/100Kugar will have to take a bare bottom spanking, there and then and if the short term loan is not repaid in full there will be other consequences to follow. The lady agrees and is soon over the knee being spanked. Is she enjoying this a bit too much for such a mature lady. Full Post
The birthday caningRated 74/100It's my birthday and my girlfriend Ashleigh has a real nice surprise for me. She greets me dressed as a schoolgirl and holding a lovely cane. She says she has been thinking about what I might like as a special present and that's why she has the cane but there is more. Full Post
When You Can't Take The Pain - Images PreviewRated 85/100This is the second part of our film showing what happened to Dillon when she was sent to an adult punishment and discipline school. She has to sit with her knickers round her knees as she is lectured and questioned by the head mistress, very humiliating. Full Post
The Judge Orders A Thrashing - HQ Photos PreviewRated 78/100For now, Officer Dillon is ordered to carry out a severe thrashing of Bella starting with the tawse on both hands, hard strokes. Next she uses a selection of paddles on the girls bare bottom as she is bent over the chair and table Full Post
Caned by Mr. SternRated 78/100Suzanne is that rare lady who knows when she needs to be punished and reports herself for the pain she knows will come. She has been paddled by Mr. Stern and now he is going to use his razor strop on her followed by the senior cane. An excellent punishment film just the way it should be. Full Post
You can't do that to me - HQ Images PreviewRated 82/100Clover arrives home from school in her uniform. She has a bad attitude and her behavior has not been good. Her guardian gets out his stout leather paddle and after baring her bottom gives her a good hard whacking leaving her well-marked and a most unhappy young girl. Full Post
Sophie Parker Paddled - HQ Photos PreviewRated 77/100Sophie Parker has just had her first spanking and now it's time to take it a bit further and the paddle is the chosen implement. Her panties are soon off and before he puts her over his knees he gets her to kneel in the chair, bottom well pushed out while he delivers a good hard leathering. Full Post
Pandora Blake And Her New Master - Part 3 - Images PreviewRated 87/100Stripped naked she knows what she must endure as he bends her over his bed and takes up a heavy wooden paddle and beats her. Next a swishy cane. Her bottom needs to show the marks of his displeasure and it soon does. This is the final part in the training program. Has Pandora made the grade? Full Post
Amelia Rutherford Is Learning To Behave - Images PreviewRated 82/100Amelia Jane Rutherford has to be taught a lesson and what better than her riding crop applied to her firm Jodhpur clad bottom. Now she starts to learn and then despite her protests she has to take down the jodhpurs and submit to a very hard whacking on the bare bottom. Will she learn to behave? Full Post
Mila At The House Of Correction - Hq Images PreviewRated 82/100The disciplinarian uses one of the very heaviest and largest of the leather paddles available and gives the bare bottom of this badly behaved girl a real trouncing. She is left with the marks of her punishment as a reminder of the pain. Full Post
Stable girl punishedRated 79/100She is caught out by the stable mistress and has to face the usual punishment for stable girls. Over a bale of hay and cropped first on her jodhpurs and then on her bare bottom. A nasty punishment for a young lady to receive. Full Post
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