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English Spanking & Caning Images

Genuine British Corporal Punishment

Strand Video is a professional producer of some of the most authentic spanking and caning videos we have seen since long time. Genuine British Corporal Punishment, made by spanking enthusiasts, made for spanking enthusiasts. For each site they deliver at least one full length film update every week, shot in top quality HD ready for your PC, Smart Phone or Tablet, together with complete high resolution image sets. Their members area also provides access to exclusive bonus content, including amazing POV films and private on-set pictures.

English Spankersspankingf/fdiaper positionslipperuniformSatine SparkRules Of The House - Images PreviewSatine is not the best behaved young lady in the world and frequently skips college and work and will not obey the rules of the house. The time has come to make these rules clear to young Satine and this will be done via some extreme pain to her bare bottom.
Spanking Sarahspankingf/fcaningLuna IILuna canedIn the case of Luna it was really called for, she had supposed to be looking after my house and doing certain chores but let me down., Now it is time to cane her bare bottom. You will see the pain and fear in her face as she waits for the first stroke to land.
English Spankersspankingm/friding cropuniformjodhpursAmelia Jane RutherfordAmelia Rutherford Is Learning To Behave - Images PreviewAmelia Jane Rutherford has to be taught a lesson and what better than her riding crop applied to her firm Jodhpur clad bottom. Now she starts to learn and then despite her protests she has to take down the jodhpurs and submit to a very hard whacking on the bare bottom. Will she learn to behave?
Redstripe Filmsspankingm/fcaningDaniCaned for FunThe poor unlucky recipient of his caning is Dani who is the poor secretary who seems to spend most of her time bent over. She indicated that she did not mind being punished too much and so Loverage took this as an open invite to beat her at every opportunity.
Redstripe Filmsspankingf/fcaningpalm punishmentCharlieTears won't stop the painBent naked over the back of a chair in her house her bottom is exposed to the swish of a heavy cane expertly wielded by a self-appointed moral guardian. This bare bottom is soon covered in red stripes and the tears flow freely.
English Spankersspankingf/fcaningAshleighPain is the best medicineAshleigh is beautiful but she is silly and thinks that she can get away with just about anything. Not today! Now you may think it's not the right thing for a doctor to do to a young ladies bottom, paddle it with a hard leather paddle and the thrash it with a cane till it is red and well marked.
English Spankersspankingf/fcaningElla HughesSubmissive slave girl for hireFree images gallery from English Spankers, featuring Ella Hughes, showing spanking, f/f and caning content.
Spanking Sarahspankingm/fotkstrappalm punishmentNimoyNimoy Out Of Control - Photos PreviewNimoy gets an over the knee spanking followed by a good strapping on her hands. Then it's time to bend over so that the leather strap can be best used on her firm bare bottom. A good lesson for this young lady in one of her very first films.
English Spankersspankingm/fcaningstockingsstrapuniformRebecca HayesThe Cane For Rebecca - Images PreviewThe last part of Rebeccas story sees her in serious trouble. After a good spanking and a harder paddling in the school grounds Rebecca is taken to the heads study to be strapped and caned. Her bottom is already well marked as she is bent over for the cane.
Spanking Sarahspankingm/fpaddleself spankingHeatherI need the painHeather has just gotten into the spanking scene and thinks she may try a bit of self spanking. She has a nice new leather paddle and does give her bottom a good whacking. Her husband comes home to find her at it and she asks him to take over.
Spanking Sarahspankingf/fhairbrushuniformblack girls spankingmouth soapingDanielle HuntDanielle Hunt Spanked & Mouth SoapedSchoolgirl Danielle has a dirty mouth and Sarah knows how to clean it in a most unpleasant way. With a bar of soap in her mouth Danielle bends over the table for a spanking with the dreaded hairbrush.
Spanking Sarahspankingf/fcaningseverebbwKatieKatie over the table and take your caningFree images gallery from Spanking Sarah, featuring Katie, showing spanking, f/f, caning, severe and bbw content.
Redstripe Filmsspankingf/fwooden paddleNatasha IINight out for NatashaAfter a late night out without permission Natasha has to face the wrath of her Aunty and she is not a lady to be messed with. Young Natasha has to go over her knees for a spanking and this is just the start of a hard and as far as we know the only punishment ever given to Natasha.
Redstripe Filmsspankingf/fpaddleRascalRascal strapped for cashRascal finds herself over the knee of the representative, her bottom being warmed first on top of her knickers and then on the bare. She takes a hard paddling with a new and very nasty leather paddle.
Spanking Sarahspankingm/fblack girls spankingpaddleLola MariePaddled for paymentShe is earning some extra money to pay for nights out with her friends and to buy fancy clothes. He is not pleased and takes over with some payback of his own. He finds one of Lola's spanking toys and despite his lack of experience he sets about giving her bare bottom one hell of a hard paddling.
English Spankersspankingm/fLindsayNo way to behaveLindsay is a young girl and does things young girls do but that does not please everyone especially when she is supposed to be doing her chores around the house. She needs to be taught a lesson and goes straight over her guardians knee for a hard spanking and this is genuinely her first spanking.
Spanking Sarahspankingf/fcaningJessJess care worker trainee canedTrainee care worker Jess has been paddled by the porter, silly girl. She just does not seem to have what it takes and so stronger training methods need to be employed. Sister Stern believes she has the answer, it comes in the form of her favourite cane.
Redstripe Filmsspankingm/fcaninguniformpaddleLucyLucy paddled & caned at homeHere we have Lucy as a schoolgirl who has stolen some money. She must be searched of course and when it is found she will be heavily punished. A leather paddle warms her small bottom before she lowers her school knickers to take a good hard caning from her husband.
Spanking Sarahspankingbdsmf/fcaningseverebreast caningLaura LuxTears Won't Stop The Pain - HQ Photos PreviewLaura agrees to take a severe caning on all the vulnerable parts of her body, her thighs, her breasts and of course her bottom. She is naked for this punishment and by the time it is completed she is in floods of tears. Tears of pain and of happiness, she has achieved something special.
Spanking Sarahspankingf/fotkslipperpyjamascryingtearsHollyWillowDon't Take Them Down MummyWillow ends up over her knees getting her bottom spanked and then slippered but is she the guilty one. Willow has just been spanked and slippered for supposedly telling lies. Now the truth comes out and the trouble maker turns out to be Holly.