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Updated 20th of February

Strand Spanking & Caning Videos

Genuine British Corporal Punishment

Strand Video is a professional producer of some of the most authentic spanking and caning videos see since for long time. Genuine British Corporal Punishment, Made BY spanking enthusiasts, made FOR spanking enthusiasts. For each site they deliver at least one full length film update every week, shot in top quality HD ready for your PC, Smart Phone or Tablet, together with complete high resolution image sets. Their members area also provides access to exclusive bonus content, including amazing POV films and private on-set pictures. You will get More than 500 Films at Redstripe Video, plus 500 more at Spanking Sarah, and even 400 more at English Spankers. All this at a very fair special low price membership guarantee.

Spanking Sarahspankingf/fotksevereAmelia Jane RutherfordKatie DiditFeb 20 76.5%Unladylike Manor - The Love ChildThe nastier side of Sarah is on show as she rants at the young girl and then tells her the only way she will get into the house is as a servant and all her servants get beaten, so she better get used to it starting with a good OTK Spanking from the housekeeper. Full PostVisit Site
English Spankersspankingf/fleather paddleCherryLuluFeb 19 79.8%Punished At School - Punished At HomeAunty has very strict rules, punished at school gets punished at home and luckily she has her paddle to hand. Lulu is bent over the kitchen table, school dress raised and knickers taken down. Aunty Katy has a strong right arm and boy does she leather poor Lulu's bare bottom. Full PostVisit Site
Spanking Sarahm/fnursespankingstrapuniformstockingsAmelia Jane RutherfordFeb 13 77.2%Unladylike Manor - Episode 57Nurse Amelia it seems will never learn that she is employed by me at Unladylike Manor to do exactly what I tell her. She is conspiring with the girl who has arrived at the manor to try and get her hands on my money, to legitimate her claim. Full PostVisit Site
English Spankersspankingf/fgroup punishmentblack girlsIsabel DeanFeb 12 85.6%Convicted, Sentenced and CanedFour young delinquents have been sentenced to a total of 108 hard strokes with the cane, this is to be administered cold on their bare bottoms. This time it's the turn of Isabel Dean. She is a young lady who thinks she can take the cane but she did not like this cold caning as you will see. Full PostVisit Site

Best Of - Editors Choice

A New Case For Sarah Sly Private EyeSarah Slye Private Eye has been called in to solve the case of the missing alcohol and it does not take her long to get to the bottom of the mystery. This is a welcome return to lovely young Louise Carleton to our site.
Denali is thrown out of the ClubShe does not seem too bothered about her bad behavior and so Mr. Stern needs to teach her the error of her ways. A kitchen chair with Denali bent over is the start, his leather paddle applied first over her fishnets and then onto her bare bottom to get the message home.
Another story from the House of CorrectionIt sometimes happens at the house of correction that we get a girl who is just so naughty that the usual spankings and paddlings have no effect. I find that with these girls the best thing to do is to send them naked to bed and then go into their room holding my longest cane.
Night out for NatashaAfter a late night out without permission Natasha has to face the wrath of her Aunty and she is not a lady to be messed with. Young Natasha has to go over her knees for a spanking and this is just the start of a hard and as far as we know the only punishment ever given to Natasha.
Luna canedIn the case of Luna it was really called for, she had supposed to be looking after my house and doing certain chores but let me down., Now it is time to cane her bare bottom. You will see the pain and fear in her face as she waits for the first stroke to land.
The new rules & Mrs SuttonThere is no obvious improvement in behavior from her son and so she is back in front of the head teacher. This time it's not just a spanking but a real hard strapping that will be handed out to her. Her bare bottom is given a traditional school type strapping.
Tiana introduction to the paddleThis is Tiana's second ever spanking film, her previous one had her spanked but now she wanted to move on, no bad choice in my book! Yes she was very nervous but as she bent over and the quite hard paddling started she seemed to get into it a bit and took a long hard bottom reddening paddling.
No way to behaveLindsay is a young girl and does things young girls do but that does not please everyone especially when she is supposed to be doing her chores around the house. She needs to be taught a lesson and goes straight over her guardians knee for a hard spanking and this is genuinely her first spanking.
The cane for sexy cleaner JessJess is from the Sexy Cleaning Company but so far she has not done much cleaning and she has not been very sexy. After a chat with her our good housewife decides that she still wants to get her monies worth from this young lady.
Lola watched as she is canedOnly the cane will give sufficient pain and I happen to know she hates to be caned. No problem. I bend her over and I do really lay the cane on her, the watching builders asked me to be a little more gentle but, no, she gets it hard.
Let Mr. Stern paddle meLulu Lamb has just had her first spanking at the hands of Mr. Stern and as he gets ready to paddle her lovely bottom Sarah Returns and wants to take over. However, Mr. Stern wins out and gets to give Lulu her very first paddling. She goes over his knee for a real stinging session.
Truth & caneJess is now due the cane, she really annoyed me with her attitude when I was told she was having sex with my best friends wife. I made her take off all her clothes then after giving her a good telling off she had to bend over for a very hard application of my cane.
Caned for telling liesElla Hughes arrived late for a filming session, she then told some lies and tried to fool me. I phoned her boyfriend and told him about her behaviour and he asked me to punish her very hard and also to give extra punishments for him for her behaviour at home.
Naked caning for IsabellaShe has to lift the dress on her school uniform and bend over and the caning starts. After a few strokes she is ordered to remove her uniform and this hard caning continues with her naked.
Party girl punished Ella HughesElla Hughes has had a party at her house and a man ended up in her bed, now she must tell the truth and pay the price. I make her strip and then put on an old fashioned school tunic before taking her over my knees for the hardest bare spanking she has ever had.
Too lazy to workShe had been seen at her local night club getting it off with boys so it was obvious that some consequences had to be applied to her bottom. She is paddled first off over her daisy dukes, they did give her some protection but the full force of the paddling was driven home when they were removed.
Fighting at SchoolI do like to use a slipper on a naughty bottom and thats what she gets. Straight over my knee and I start on her skimpy panties and then on her bare bottom. She is not a girl who likes to be spanked and punished but she does take what she deserves.
The thieving PALord Stern has discovered that money has gone missing from his mission savings account and suspicion falls onto the new PA. She is paddled first over her panty hose and then on her bare bottom, good hard punishment in this latest Unladylike Manor film.
College girls canedLuna and Bell are home from college where they were punished on the last day of term. They have both had a good hard paddling and Luna has been caned so now it is the turn of Bell to bend over with her bare bottom ready for the senior girls cane. A top quality caning film.
Do I have what it takesLulu Lamb comes to see Sarah but she is away and so has to talk to Mr. Stern. It turns out that she has told her new boyfriend that she will go to a spanking party with him and that she is well used to spanking but, she is none to sure. Stern can show her just what might happen at such a party.
First try at spanking a hand made filmJess arrives dressed in the sexiest maids outfit and is soon over his knee getting a real good bare bottom spanking. This is from our new HAND MADE FILMS series where we take you right into the heart of the action for amazing close up and true unedited action.
New model Bonnie canedOh my, you did love the film with new spanking model Bonnie and so I have another for you this week. I do have to say, I was having so much fun spanking this young lady that I did not want the filming to end. Anyway, in this film she gets caned and it is the very first caning of her life.
The birthday caningIt's my birthday and my girlfriend Ashleigh has a real nice surprise for me. She greets me dressed as a schoolgirl and holding a lovely cane. She says she has been thinking about what I might like as a special present and that's why she has the cane but there is more.
Rascal and the caneWhen you borrow money from the Strapped for Cash loan company you have to pay it back. Naked she is made to bend over and her tender young bottom subjected to its first ever caning.

TOP VOTED ON February 21, 2019

April spanked by Mr. Stern
 80.8%She has been cheating on him and he wants to see her suitably punished. Once she owns up to this she is placed over the knee and spanked on top of her denim shorts before these are removed and her bare bottom gets the expert attention it demands. Full Post
Bad behaviour has to be punished
 87.4%I decide that she must be punished and I keep a rather nasty leather paddle handy for just such occasions. After a few strokes over her panties I get her to lower these and the rest of the punishment is delivered on her bare bottom. Full Post
The new PA falls from grace
 80.7%April May has been given a spanking by the mad Lord Stern and now it is the turn of his wicked wife to have her way with his new PA. That this is going to be humiliating and painful is a given but April did not realize just how painful until she felt the sting of the paddle on her bare bottom. Full Post
Paddled for payment
 84.5%She is earning some extra money to pay for nights out with her friends and to buy fancy clothes. He is not pleased and takes over with some payback of his own. He finds one of Lola's spanking toys and despite his lack of experience he sets about giving her bare bottom one hell of a hard paddling. Full Post
After the party the paddle
 86.8%Ella Hughes has had a party and things got out of hand, now she is blaming Ashleigh for the mess and the alcohol stolen from the house. Sarah is in no mood to mess about and wrongly decides that Ashleigh should be punished. The poor innocent girl gets a real hard beating with the paddle. Full Post
She fell from grace
 88.2%He believes that she needs to repent and he knows just how that can be brought about. It does of course mean that she goes over his knee for a spanking on her panty hose tights and then on her bare bottom. His horny old hand soon works its magic on this fallen girl. Full Post
Rachel's first caning
 89.0%Rachel Leigh has just had her bottom well paddled, she was using our house to put on dirty web cam shows and I do not like that. The punishment did not seem to have the effect I expected and so I have decided to cane Rachel. Full Post
Lola & The Builders
 88.0%Lola has had some building work carried out on her house but does not have the money to pay the guys. She makes them an offer of having sex with her but they are not too interested, they do however take her up on the offer of spanking her with her leather paddle. Full Post
April deserves this punishment
 85.7%She herself picked out a good sized leather paddle as the instrument of punishment. This beautiful girl then removed all of her clothes and placed herself over the knee of her spanker and requested that the punishment begin. Full Post