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Chicas jóvenes reciben azotes duras

Sinónimos: zurra, tunda, paliza | Spanking, Beating, Caning

UPDATED May 23 All around the world, corporal punishment - in the form of spanking, paddling and caning - is accepted as being appropriate treatment for badly behaved girls. Starting from teenage times at home; if she is naughty she may find herself with knickers around her ankles while she gets spanked on her bare bottom until it is bright red. By the time she has started school, spanking is a normal part of everyday life. Only now, besides being spanked at home, her teacher will spank her for bad behaviour. And for really bad behaviour she may make her acquaintance with the cane. The cane will usually be administered to her bare bottom. She will have welts criss crossing her bottom. Part of her punishment may include causing her maximum embarrassment - eg standing in a corner with her hands on her head, her knickers around her ankles and her sore red bare bottom on full view for all to see, while the tears flow freely.

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May 23HD
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May 23HD
 79% ·  Tindra caned at St. Justs
May 23HD
 78% ·  Rachael is a disgrace
May 20HD
 74% ·  Jentina's Discipline Session Part 2
May 20HD
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May 18HD
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May 18HD
 74% ·  Snow Spanks Her Niece
May 18HD
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May 18HD
 80% ·  Chrissy Marie
May 18HD
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May 18HD
 79% ·  Sarah's Real Discipline from Mommy
May 18HD
 76% ·  Ava Spanked, Strapped, and Caned
May 17HD
 74% ·  Jentina's Discipline Session
May 15HD
May 15HD
 75% ·  Jess is strapped for cash
May 15HD
 83% ·  Contract enforced

As she progresses through the education system, from school to college, the corporal punishments will still carry on for bad behavior or poor work.

Only now, the college professor will have taken over the role of her educator with a strict hand. After graduating from college her schooldays will be behind her. Now she becomes a working girl. However, a badly behaved girl is never too old to be hauled over the knee of her boss. Her skirt pulled up to above her waist, knickers around her ankles, while a good old fashioned spanking is administered. She still feels the shame and her tears are a mixture of pain and remorse. Then comes the day when she marries the man of her dreams. As she has been brought up with crime and punishment, she has come to expect it. Therefore, when she does something to displease her husband - she gets spanked and caned again!

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